Monday, July 31, 2006

Ok, I must go back and correct something. Although I am more than happy that the mod look is making an appearance, I must declare my opinion on leggings. Leggings are a great great thing. They provide you with comfort and security knowing that you can wear a short skirt and not have to worry about bending over or perhaps something else (semi NSFW). They also keep your legs warm, much warmer than plain old panty hose. And come on, leggings are fun, didn't we all wear them in the 80s? But there is one thing I am strongly against.

Leggings that are lined with lace at the bottom. NO NO NO NO! Please don't fall into this trap. Even though it seems like a "cute" idea now, I am more than positive this treacherous look will be shamed upon in a few months, perhaps weeks. They were never cool in the 80s, and they won't be now.

Try to keep it simple and purposeful. Why not try a nice ankle length cotton legging, like these:

$28 from American Apparel

or if you're short on cash try these:

$4.99 from Target

Remember people, staying classy is key. (I feel really flamboyant saying that!)


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